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Farm Raised Vs. Wild Caught

At Honey Smoked Fish Co., we have a deep respect for nature. Our farming processes reflect both our commitment to our customers and the world around us by boasting a greater level of quality control than is possible with wild caught salmon.

Due to fluctuating levels of environmental pollutants, wild caught salmon are exposed to varying degrees of toxins like PCBs and heavy metals throughout their lifetime. Farmed fish are monitored more closely - salmon pens can be transported to cleaner waters when necessary and are continually relocated after use to allow ecosystems to return to their natural state.

Overfishing has become a significant issue in wild caught salmon, resulting in a reduction of the natural salmon stock and a tax on native ecosystems. Honey Smoked Fish Co.'s sustainably practicing farms have stringent protocols for salmon husbandry and feed fish on a premium diet, with 100% quality all natural feed for a consistent, affordable and healthy product all year round.

responsible salmon farming offers greater quality control, health benefits and a more sustainable environmental impact than wild caught practices.