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  • Cajun Salmon | 20 lbs (Fillet)
  • Single Cajun Smoked Salmon Fillet 25lbs
  • Cajun Salmon | 20 lbs (Fillet)

Cajun Salmon | 20 lbs (Fillet)


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Stay stocked up on our Cajun Honey Smoked Salmon with this convenient variety pack! Freeze the bulk and enjoy the convenience of individually packaged one pound cuts, any time of day.

A light dusting of a cajun creole spice blend is added to Original Honey Smoked Salmon resulting in a mild yet very flavorful finish that stems from the many cultures of Louisiana. The well-balanced blend of peppers, onion, celery and other spices makes for a carnival of delicious and satisfying flavors in every bite.

20 pounds of our delicious Cajun Honey Smoked Salmon

Note: All flavors of Honey Smoked Salmon® require 3 additional days for processing.

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