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Original and Cracked Pepper (Salmon Cuts) - 25 lbs

We get it. Sometimes you have a taste for the original and other days you desire a dish with a more savory, bold flavor. Give in to your tastebuds without compromise with this craving-friendly pack.

Original Honey Smoked Salmon is created with a blend of all natural herbs and spices then lightly hickory smoked. A very mild, savory flavor can be detected on the front end, followed by a delightful faint touch of lemon. It’s delicious on its own straight out of the package, or as the highlight of any dish!

Our Cracked Pepper Honey Smoked Salmon is topped with a light blend of different cracked peppercorns, offering a bright aroma and a mild, flavorful bite. The combination of refreshing flavors is a true tastebud pleaser for those that enjoy the beautiful floral, earthy seasoning of cracked peppercorns.

15 pounds Original Honey Smoked Salmon
10 pounds Cracked Pepper Honey Smoked Salmon

Approx. 25 to 30 individually vacuum sealed cuts weighing approx. 12 to 16 ounces each for a total of 25 pounds.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon, honey, natural herbs and spices, salt, lemon, and olive oil.

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