We can all agree that perfectly smoked salmon is pretty awesome all on its own, right? But maybe you like yours with a little extra spice. Or sweetness. Or tanginess. Well, we’ve created some flavors for you to discover.

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Don’t get caught without something healthy and delicious when you start getting a little hangry. Our Salmon Stackers are a hearty portion of Honey Smoked Salmon®, signature lemon & chive cream cheese and gluten-free rice crackers for a light snack that's anything but light on flavor.

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Whether you’re throwing a party or it’s just a party of one, Our Honey Smoked Salmon®Spread & Dip's got you covered. Packed with our signature Honey Smoked Salmon®, Greek yogurt, and cream cheese, our Spread & Dip packs a seriously healthy and delicious punch.

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Whether you're entertaining guests or looking for the latest addition to your menu, Honey Smoked Salmon®Whole Fillets ensure you hit the mark every time.

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