Old school fish market wisdom would tell you smoking is a process reserved to hide the flavor of fading fish. Thank our lucky starfish, we’re not very old school.

See, we saw the smoking process as a way to capture and heighten the straight-from-the-sea goodness of only the highest quality, freshest cuts of salmon possible. Equipped with decades of seafood industry experience and a perfectly good kitchen/flavor lab/garage, we set out to create a nutritious, crave-worthy fish that could be enjoyed anywhere, without ever seeing a freezer.

A few bold recipes and one secret honey-coated smoking process later, and Honey Smoked Salmon®is ready for the whole family to devour.

We follow a very precise and delicate process to create a fish ready for immediate mealtime annihilation.

Flavored at Full Freshness

The best cuts are marinated in all-natural herbs and spices, shortly after leaving the water.

Smartly Smoked in Stupid Small Batches

Marinated fillets are hot smoked in small batches to ensure peak quality.

Fired by Honey-Coated Hickory

100% hickory wood is coated in honey to lock in moisture and smoky flavor.

Sealed at Full Flavor

Fully-cooked salmon is sealed tight to keep it fresh.

Shipped Fresh Enough to Swim

The smoking process keeps our salmon fresh without ever freezing it.