Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional Benefits

Few foods bring as many health contributions to the table as delicious and juicy Honey Smoked Salmon. Not only is it an excellent source of high quality protein, it's also low in cholesterol and high in nutrients like vitamins A, D, B6 and B2, niacin, riboflavin, calcium, iron, zinc and phosphorus.

Salmon contains many "good fats," and is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which have been linked to increased heart health and brain function. Doctors and dietitians routinely recommend salmon to heart patients and others trying to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consumption of salmon has also been associated with better eye health, reduced inflammation and improved skin tone. Utilize Honey Smoked Salmon as an ingredient and add just 2 - 4 ounces to your favorite dish for a delicious superfood flavor boost!

Did You Know?

Just one 3 ounce serving of salmon contains:

  • 41% of the recommended OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID intake for women.
  • 28% of the recommended OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID intake for men.
  • 25% of the DAILY PROTEIN requirements for a 150 pound person.
  • 9% of the DAILY IRON requirement for men.
  • 4% of the DAILY IRON requirement for women.

Honey Smoked Salmon is made using 100% natural ingredients.

Additional benefits include:

  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • No Coloring Added
  • No Nitrates
  • No MSG
  • Zero Trans-Fat